I’m a poor student with working class parents so redecorating my bedroom every year was never going to be achievable.

However, I decided to save up and redo my bedroom because my old room was making me feel rubbish. After all, I’d had the same wardrobe since I was 13 years old, old furniture that had been passed down from my older sisters, rips where I’d stupidly hung posters up with sellotape and just loads and loads of brown.

As you can see from the photographs, my room was dark and with it being the box room offered little to not light due to my wardrobe obscuring half the window.

Quickly, me and my dad set to work, we had left over blue paint from the bathroom so decided a blue and white theme would maximise light and space.

My bed was in perfect condition so that saved me a huge £100+. However, I still needed a new wardrobe, a desk and a bookcase. Not to mention the little bits and bobs like a mirror, lighting and desk chair.

After stripping off the paper and starting from scratch, the room instantly felt bigger and brighter. My dad located old bits of wood from his work and constructed a wardrobe out of the annoying box-thing which supports the stairs. This not only saved me a vast amount of space but also saved me money.

Next stop was wallpapering. I picked a relatively expensive wallpaper, but felt it was justified with all the savings on materials and paint hence far. The wallpaper was £11 per role and 4 roles were needed for one wall, plus the inside of my wardrobe.

After wallpapering, the next step was actually getting the furniture in. My bed was to go against the side with the wardrobe, so that I could easily access my clothes. I also had existing draws under my bed so would not need to find alternate storage for pj’s. Me and my dad took a good long trip to IKEA to splurge on some furniture. I say splurge, a desk, bookcase and blue locker (with legs – it holds all my makeup) only cost £130. I also purchased a full length mirror from Wilko for £10, along with a £10 blind.

Friends and family were kind enough to gift me knickknacks and ornaments for shelves. My mum also bought me a light shade for £15 as an Easter present. I also purchased some finishing pieces, like bunting and my map.

Overall, the process was stress free and it has resulted in me having a bedroom I am proud of. In addition, it’s light, airy and perfect for selfie taking. But it’s also host to my beloved bookcase where I can finally have my favourite novels on show.


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