I get asked a lot about how I edit my Instagram photos. So here I am finally answering. My Instagram (@tiaxbrdly) has quite a bright, albeit over-saturated and obviously edited feel to the photos I share.

But how do I edit them?

Firstly, I take a normal photograph. This is an example.


As you can see the original photograph is very dark and has quite a low contrast.

To edit, I go to everyone’s favourite editing app, VSCO. I always select C1 and will usually keep the intensity of the filter quite high (usually 9-12 depending on the photograph).

This particular photograph didn’t require too much editing, surprisingly. I simply applied by trusted C1 filter at the intensity of 12 and viola!


Let’s look at a more edited example…

Original photograph.


To edit, I applied the C1 filter and moved the intensity down to +9.8. Then, I increased the saturation to +1.8. The next step required increasing the temperature of the photograph to +2.4. Then, I applied a tint of +2.2 before altering the skin tone feature to -3.1.




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