In Britain, it rains. A lot. There is no denying it. Instead of doing what us Brits do best, moaning about the weather, we should really relish in it. The damp weather provides a brilliant excuse for lounging around the house or doing activities that you might rarely get the chance to do.

Personally, I love the rain, especially on Sundays. So without further ado, here are my top things to do on rainy days.

Book Club 

There is nothing better than sitting down with a good book when it’s a rainy day. This is especially if you have a comfy spot – a bed, or big armchair is the best, with a window nearby so you can lap up the sound of the rain. Have constant coffee or hot chocolate on the go and you have got yourself a relaxing afternoon.

Movie Day

It’s raining? The perfect excuse to invite your friends over for a lounging movie day. Make snacks out of leftovers, heck everyone loves carrot sticks and hummus right? Tell your friends to bring the trashiest film round, along with their pjs and have yourself a 2pm pyjama movie party. I await my invite.


Like reading a book, colouring can be really therapeutic. If you feel stressed out about all the things you could be doing if it wasn’t raining, grab yourself an adult colouring book and some fancy pencils. Make yourself a hot beverage of your choosing, stick the radio on and colour yourself a masterpiece.


Baking when it’s cold is brilliant, because you don’t get as hot and stressed out. If it’s raining or even a slightly damp day, there is nothing better than searching the cupboards for an array of ingredients to make cookies, cakes and muffins.


You don’t have to stay in when it rains and venturing outside the house can work wonders. I recommend going for a coffee. You can go alone, take a friend or even make a friend when you get there. Isn’t that how all the great RomComs start?


Bowling is a fabulous pastime when its chucking it down with rain. It not only passes the time super quickly, but there are nearly always arcades attached to the alley, as well as yummy food nearby. Really, you could spend the entire day acting like a kid and ignoring the weather.


If you are stuck for ideas when its too rainy outside, why not start blogging? It doesn’t take long and there are already tons of blogs available to get some inspiration from. Also, the average blog post takes roughly 5-10 minutes to construct so it isn’t even that time consuming.


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