Happiness is important. That’s why I’ve decided to do this new feature on my blog, “what has made me happy in the past week.” Hopefully, I’m going to keep this up for the rest of the year, pulling out little details from my week that have made me super happy.

New Shoes

After buying some slip on loafer style shoes way back in January, I finally was able to wear them outside the house. The weather was glorious so I even managed to get an Instagram of them.

Final Assignments

On the 12th, I submitted my final assignment for university. Well, I hope so (unless I fail everything and have to do resits). Now, I am technically out in the ‘real world’ and applying for jobs which is super scary but also really exciting.

Sunny Weather

There’s been a good few days this past week which have been beautiful. It’s been so warm that I even got a dodgy sunburn. Only in Britain ey? On one of the days, I managed to read two books whilst sat in the garden.


I love cooking. I went round my boyfriend’s on the 12th and we cooked a fine feast of fajitas. It was super yummy. To top things off, we ate our weight in them whilst watching The Simpsons.

Family Birthdays 

I’ve had two family birthdays in the past week. My sister’s and my nephew’s. My whole family went out for a carvery on the Saturday (I had a veggie one, it was yum) and then the following day, we ventured to my nephew’s for a Nerf gun party.

Second Interview

Today, I was invited to do a second interview for a job in London! This has topped off a very good week.


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