I could go on and on about the up-coming general election on my blog, but I won’t. After all, if you follow me on Twitter you are probably sick of me tweeting the word “Labour.” If I did want to write all my political views down in a blog post, let’s be honest, the post would be miles long and ain’t nobody got time for that.

However, it has to be mentioned how important this general election is. Whatever the outcome, people’s lives will change. You can either vote to improve the lives of 95% of Britain, or you can vote for more poverty and despair. Wow, tough decision int it?

After all, a vote for Labour is a vote for compassion. It’s a vote for togetherness and unity. It’s a vote for fairness. It’s a vote against austerity and hatred. By voting Labour, you are voting against the Tory rule, a party who are obvious in their aims to kill the old, weak and poor. A party who are for austerity and division. A party who will drive Britain back to 1834 when the workhouse was first established.

Are you still struggling to decide who to vote for? Well, did you know that Theresa May’s favourite slogan, “strong and stable” is taken from Mein Kampf? So there’s that.


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