Back in January, I took my first and last university exam. Media Law. Before taking the module, I was quite simply, dreading it. I was told by numerous people that the module was the hardest journalism module the university offered. Way to build my confidence.

However, I found that I really enjoyed the module and flourished when covering court proceedings. I ended up discovering that media law isn’t actually that difficult, and it’s all about understanding the rules and regulations before writing up reports.

After completing my portfolio and gaining my highest first in my university career, I was really panicky about the thought of an exam. I mean I’ve done exams before. I can do them. Heck, pretty much every exam I have done, I have received the mark I was expected. But, a university exam is a whole other level, isn’t it?

I am quite a visual learner. Also, for information and important facts to stay in my brain, I have to rewrite them constantly. I cannot simply flick through my old notes and pray that will be enough, it won’t.

I start my revision by structuring information into categories and then subcategories. I also pick a colour theme for each sheet of paper. Then, I get out my notes and rewrite the most vital pieces of information under the subheadings. I have found that by structuring my revision like this, I tend to remember the facts in relation to where they are placed on the page. This helps me picture the information in the exam.

Here’s some exams of my media law revision notes.



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