Well, I guess that’s it. My three years at university are over. It’s been a blur, a stressful, wild blur. Ups and downs, nights out I cannot remember, crying over assignments, all-nighters, laughing until I couldn’t breathe, lifetime friends. And, I wouldn’t change a second.

I’m not going to act like my university years were the best of my life, I really don’t think they have been. But, they have shaped me in ways I didn’t even think possible. During my time at university, I have become an adult, albeit a semi-functioning adult.

On Wednesday, I officially said my farewells to Birmingham City University by attending the Grad Show.

I was actually nominated for the Rod Pilling award for Journalism which was awarded during the Grad Show. Even though I didn’t win, it was an honour to be nominated in a specialism with so many talented individuals. Heck, I was the only girl nominated, got to represent my ladies right?

We’ll see if I’m still full of praise when I get my final grade in the next week, won’t we?


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