Over the course of three years, I have developed a vast amount of various skills in order to prepare myself for the challenges of the media industry. Through studying Media and Communication (Journalism) at Birmingham City University, I was given the opportunity to tailor my module options to suit the particular career path I desire, and therefore utilise my university experience to the max.

The following is a list of the modules I took part in during my three years at Birmingham City University, with a handful of links to examples of work produced. I also draw upon the skills I have developed throughout my university career.

Year Three

During my third year at university, I took the modules:

Skills Developed

  • Producing thorough and accurate court reports,
  • Understanding media law at an expert level,
  • Analysing popular culture,
  • Pitching to editors,
  • Being able to conduct thorough research into specific topics,
  • Conducting a critical discourse analysis effectively,
  • Starting and managing my own business,
  • Producing a magazine independently,
  • Editing other’s work,
  • Becoming a social media manager,
  • Time management,
  • Organisation.

Year Two 

During my second year at university, I took the modules:

  • Magazine Production
  • Live Newsroom
  • Specialist Reporting
  • Editorial and Commercial Photography
  • Managing Media Projects and Dissertation
  • Film Cultures
  • Journalism in Context
  • Professional Media Practice

Skills Developed

  • Writing analytically,
  • Streamlining journalism,
  • Understanding SEO and its importance,
  • Creating varied content, including: data stories, public interest stories, profiles…
  • Analysing various genres of film,
  • Writing about journalism as a practice, in regards to its inner workings.

Year One

During my first year at university, I took the modules:

  • Journalism, Public Relations and the Media
  • Media Relations
  • Journalism in Practice
  • Visual Design
  • Media Photography Skills
  • Studying the Media and Communication
  • Professional Media Practice

Skills Developed

  • Being able to use InDesign and Photoshop,
  • Understanding how a PR professional works alongside a journalist,
  • How to produce different stories for a specific publication,
  • How to locate, interview and generate a story,
  • Team-work,
  • Researching to an academic standard.